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Restrict the creation of Users and Organizations in Agents Panel.

I need to restrict the creation and administration of users and organizations by Agents (only Agents not Administrators)

These entities have already been created. We do not want anyone to modify.

I can not find how. I appreciate any help !.




  • This does not appear to be a Suggestions and Feedback.
    Moving thread to Mods and Customizations

    Version of osTicket?
    I do not believe that there is a way to do this via the ui at this time.
  • Sorry, v1.9.12 

    But I can not believe anyone has this requirement. If all agents see all contacts of all clients, it can be even dangerous from the point of view of safety.

    Thanks anyway, if anyone has any suggestions, it will be well received.
  • I seem to recall someone else posting about this recently and their fix was to comment out the display of the Users tab from the Agent panel.  You could try search but I cant recall anyone else talking about this recently.
  • edited May 2016
    Thanks, you 're right this thread have a way to do this.

    However to be for a previous version, now is also necessary change 

    Only the first line of code an replace (or comment) (line 15)

    If anybody wants the modified files can download from here:
  • Thanks for posting your follow up.  Hopefully if someone else wants to do this they will see this thread. :)
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