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[resolved] Users unable to post attachments via web or email

After several years of operation, for some reason our users are now unable to upload attachments to OSTicket. When using the web interface or email, users receive no errors. Instead our department simply receives the content, with exception of the anticipated attachment.

However, on the support-end, when attempting to upload attachments, we receive the error: "Unable to post the reply. Correct the errors below and try again!" This only occurs when an attachment is selected to be uploaded. Without the attachment, the ticket is updated, but our users don't receive the updated information via email as they usually do.

Any ideas? The only thing I assumed was permission folder issues, however, our attachment folder is set to CHMOD 777. I appreciate any help here.


  • edited May 2016
    Our error log:
    Unable to save result set in /home/supportu/public_html/include/mysql.php on line 88
    osTicket (v1.7.0)
  • moving thread to 1.7 section of the forums.

    1.7 is deprecated and no longer supported.  You should update.
  • I realize this. The only reason we have never upgraded is because we installed the below MOD, to allow our staff to respond to/assign tickets via email. It sounds simple, however, our staff are often in the field and are not always at their computers.

    I saw that you were active in that thread also.
  • Then you may be interested in this thread:

  • Brilliant response, thanks so much! I was actually able to fix our issue.
    1. Upgraded our MySql from version 5.5 to 5.6.
    2. Ran repair database via WHM, which fixed the issue.
    All corrected. I will definitely look at upgrading our existing application asap, now that I'm aware of the mod. Thanks much!
  • Glad that I could help.
    Should I mark this as resolved and close it?
  • Yes, that's not a problem.
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