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Links won't render in thank-you page

Hello all,
I've gotten OST installed and working. I was modifying the thank-you page, trying to insert some html. I made a heading, but when I try to make a link, I can't get it to work. The page renders with the code for the link instead of showing a link. On the page, I literally see
a href="%{ticket.client_link}">track your ticket, #0123, here</a

I'm using {ticket.number} to get the 0123, so that works, and the URL for the ticket shows fine. My problem is in getting the link code to render, not in using the variables. I switch the editor to HTML, write the code, save it, and test it. So far, I haven't gotten links to work. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a security feature of OST I could disable? I'm the only one editing these templates, after all.


  • Sorry, I forgot to say that my link code is fine. In my post here, I left off the leading and trailing symbols so the forum wouldn't interpret it as a link. They are present in the actual page, though.
  • I had this issue a while back, turns out the "sanitize" function was getting run over admin edited pages.. as though users need to be protected from admins.
    I assume by the forum topic you've posted this in, that you are using osTicket 1.6? That can't be right mate.. it's ancient, and likely doesn't even have the Pages system.. 

    If you are using the latest stable, simply select the text you want to be a link, and push the link button, works fine mate.
    Otherwise, I suggest posting details about your installation so we know how to help.
  • Sorry, yes, it's the latest stable version. When I tried the link function, it gave me a link, but I still had HTML code and I had no way to indicate the href. That said, I'm using a screen reader, and OST isn't the most accessible software out there. For instance, to find the "link button", I have to right click every button and find the "inspect" item in the menu, because that's the only place that indicates the button's function. Other than that there's no feedback as to what does what. That's why I was hoping for a solution that let me use HTML, Markdown, or some other language I could more easily write and control. Visual formatting tools like what OST uses are all good and well, but if they aren't made accessible, they become rather useless.
  • "Sorry, yes, it's the latest stable version."
    so to you this means: 1.9.12
  • Exactly. I'm new to the software, so didn't want to mess with betas at all.
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