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Links In Internet Explorer 7

I am using Internet Explorer 7 and none of the links with the exception of the gray box at the top work. After further research I found that someone was able to click on links when they used FireFox instead... so I tried this and yes, I too can do everything just fine in FireFox... in fact when I logged into osTicket via FireFox it even said I had a ticket (from osTicket) welcoming me... I was not able to see this in Internet Explorer. The install was successful with no errors. How come I can see everything just fine in FireFox and the links work in FireFox but not in Internet Explorer?:eek:


  • Part 2

    I also commented out the main.css file where indicated... this fixed the link issue but I still get a "error on page" javascript-based error in the bottom left hand corner of my browser and cannot see any open tickets.
  • I personally don't use IE. No love for M$.

    That said, we are looking into the bugs related to IE. RC2 release will address most of the known issues.
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