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How to remove "Open New Ticket" link

Can you pls tell me how to remove the "Open New Ticket" on the navigation bar (pls see attached snapshot"; as I do not need anybody to raise a Ticket. I will only leave the "Check Ticket Status" link.
Pls help.


  • You didn't tell us what version of osticket your using. Since you posted this in the 0.x -1.5 (Discontinued) section of the forums my information may not be accurate for your version.

    The attached screen shot is too small for me to see what you mean. I presume that you mean you want to remove the client side where it says:

    Open A New Ticket
    Please provide as much detail as possible so we can best assist you. To update a previously submitted ticket, please use the form to the right.

    This text is located in the index.php ni the root dir of the installation.
  • More information

    Sorry for the wrong attachment. I have attached now the correct snapshot. As for the version it is osTicket (v1.7-RC4+).
    My question is how to remove the link & wording in the red highlighted box.
    Hope it is more clear now.
    Thks for your help.
  • Default How to remove "Open New Ticket" link

    Pls any feedback !!:confused::confused:
  • Moved thread to the 1.7 section of the forums.

    The nav for clients is displayed in /include/client/ on lines 45 - 49.

    The getNavLinks() function is located in /include/class.nav.php

    I think that this also controls the nav display on the staff side though, so you would want to modify this so that it doesn't show if the person isn't logged in, and/or isn't staff.
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