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Issue with Statics and help topic - [Dashboard]

Hello everyone,

My osticket version is the v1.9.11 and my problems are 2.

I'm going to put examples to see it easier. 

We have 1 ticket created with support help topic and we want to change it to systems help topic because we want to improve the statics and see better data okay... It actually don't change, the ticket stays on the same position on the "Dashboard > Statics" but the help topic is actually changed. The only way to make it properly work is creating the new ticket on the correct topic...

Another thing inside this problem is that every cell has a 1, we don't know why. 


The other problem is that my user can't see the statics. I tried another user on my pc and it simply works... There are no differences between David an me, for example.


In summary, if I change the help topic once the ticket is done, it doesn't work.

One user doesn't see the statics.

Thank you, Jose.



  • I found the problem why I didn't see the statics, it's a bug (at least I think). I had on the agent configuration as you could see before:


    I had local authentication ON and not default option...


    Changed it and it works fine. Okay...

    Solution: Change "Authentication Backend" to "- Use any available backend -"

  • The dashboard has issues.  It has since it was added.  It's been on the revamp list for quite some time, and there is no ETA as to when it will be updated. 
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