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statistical interpretation

On the statistics page, there is the amount of open tickets, closed etc.
There are two entries, service time and response time, how are they calculated? what is the unit of measure?


  • I've presumed that it is hours... but the dashboard isn't very good.
  • but time and service response time, do not start counting from when you open the Ticket?
  • The dashboard is not very good.  I would recommend not using it.

  • there is a plug-in , to add statistical capabilities . Otherwise I have to find another product that has the most complete statistical part , a necessary requirement for my company :'(
  • There is a (3rd Party) report mod by @scottro that might suit your needs. (However it is not free.)

  • There is also a Jasper Reports plugin.  You just need the reports.  You can also find the SQL in some repositories on Github (at least one), and older osTicket reports from sudobash might also help.  Or just get the newest.  Jasper is free, but not everyone has that option.
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