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Display Requester name in Main contacts tickets view


I am working now in a new company and I deployed again osTicket.
I like the new features available in the latest release.
I am wondering (maybe someone already post this request, but I did not find it) if it is possible to add for the main contacts (declared for an organization) to have in the full list of tickets they can display the name of the original requester?
The only information displayed are the ticket number, the creation date, the status, the subject and the department.

My osTicket version below.



  • Can you post a screen shot or tell us where you are seeing this?  Because based on your post I'm not real sure if you are looking client side or agent side, etc.
  • I mean on the client side.

    Look at this screenshot


  • Ah okay I see what your saying.  I'm not aware of an easy way to do that.
    That should probably be addressed at the github level as a issue report for organizations/collaborators
  • OK thx, I will create this entry.
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