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Add %{ticket.variables} to mail subject


My osTicket version:


I am trying to add the value of a custom field in the mail subject received by the agent but I obtain the following message:


I created a custom form like below:


I follow what is noticed there:


In the Agent new ticket alert notification, I set the subject as below:


When I try to save, I systematically obtain the message I posted at the top of this request.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, could someone help me?



  • edited June 2016
    Well I did not check but obviously it works.
    The value of the custom field is well added to the subject.
    So I do not understand the error mentioned.
    This issue is not urgent so. But If someone can explain me why this message appear.
  • 1.10rc3 has been released.  If you insist on running RCs you might want to upgrade to that.

    I've just downloaded it and haven't installed it myself yet, so I have no idea if it will fix your issue.  My guess is that it checks against the 'default' variables and throws a warning if one is being used that doesn't exist in the default list.
  • I checked in the release notes and I found nothing about that.
    I do not want to update to RC3. I installed RC2 for our production environment because I want to use the tasks.
    I will wait for the production release now.
  • rc3 fixes 4 issues with tasks, but suit yourself.
  • Hello thanks.
    I will try it in the sandbox environment before.
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