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Google Analytics ?

is there a place to enter a Google Analytics code if not where should i pout the code ?


  • This is not a feature of osTicket at this time.
    You would follow googles install instructions and put them in the header.
  • edited August 2016
    Could someone tell me the meaning of Google analytic integrated? And what does it mean if anybody explain me that part of the features of my website Online Dissertation Service UK development will be analytic integrated?

    moderator note: external url removed.  It was www dot Dissertationhouse dot co dot uk.  The URL has not been evaluated and is not endorsed by osTicket, and does not appear to have anything to do with osTicket.  Use the url at your own risk. (ntozier)
  • @sarahtaylor google analytics is a Google product that allows you to collect information about visitors on your website(s).  For more information about it you should visit
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