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osTicket v1.10-RC2 to RC3 Upgrade

We are looking to upgrade to RC3 from RC2.
Apart from it breaking the LDAP/AD Auth module the upgrade looks ok except....
There is no upgrade start screen once RC3 files copied over to the directory. software just loads as normal.
Is this right? When I upgraded from 1.9.12 to 1.10RC2 it went through the initial upgrade screen.



  • First let me stress that this is a release candidate and should not be run in a production enviornment.  That being said RC3 is MUCH better than RC2, but still stands as Beta software.  There is no database changes between the two versions... so no reason for the upgrader to run. This is typical this late in a release cycle.
  • edited June 2016
    Hi ntozier - no need to stress I fully understand and appreciate that it is an RC release. I just wanted to know if the way I upgraded and the subsquent result was what people have experienced too.
    I also found that it 'wiped' the knowledgebase.
    Thank you for your clarification.
  • It didn't wipe my knowledge base...
    It doesn't change the database at all so it could not have wiped it.
  • I will need to investigate this further, "wiped" may not be the most accurate term. Thanks
  • Okay.  Let me know what you find!
  • OK Clarification :)
    The knowledgebase information is still there its just when you click on the knowledgebase tab the list of FAQs does not appear as in RC2. Even though the FAQs are public. They apear on the featured client login screen though. So apart from the LDAP/AD Auth plugin.....
  • Ohhh!  I see what you are saying.  Looks like you found a bug.
  • Hello, I found something similar.
    In my case public FAQs are listed correctly, but clicking on the attachments is asked to login.
    I've temporarily replaced the "file.php" file taken from the RC2.

    I think that the changes applied to "file.php" (files: Require authentication to view attachments) do not take into account public attachments (i.e. attachments to public FAQs).
  • Because of issues encountered with previous 1.10 RCs, I did a fresh 1.10-RC3 deployment.  And right off the bat I noticed that although the Knowledgebase is enabled and I created categories, I have no way to view or create FAQs.  I get no DB errors and I get no PHP errors, just a a blank list with no buttons to add edit etc.
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