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Populate information based on location

Would it possible to generate information based on what a client selects from a list? For example if my client selects store 44 from a drop down list have it generate the address and phone number fields automatically so the client doesn't need to manually fill these fields in?


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    To further elaborate when a client creates a ticket right now they have to manually enter the location information and phone number. My one client has over 1000 stores, each with it's own unqiue store number. I would the person creating the ticket to be to select a store number and have the location information automatically filled in the correct fields.  
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  • I am very surprised that OSTicket doesn't have the fields location.  So far I have read that the "answer" is to use custom fields but that would also require you to add other programming in so that the data would auto-populate.  I am very interested in this issue also so if I find more information I will certainly come back and update my comment with whatever answers I can find.
  • I will do the same!
  • @jrieflin why would using a custom field require other programming to populate a field? 
    You could make the custom Location field a drop down list. 
    You could make Users pick their location when they create their account.
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    @ntozier if they chose a custom location from a drop down list will it automatically fill in the address, phone number, etc..?

    I tried the custom list part and when you go to print and/or save as a pdf the information is entirely to long and pretty much appears as a run on sentence

    What we are talking about doing is when a ticket is created the user could select for example location 44 and in the rest of the fields (address and so forth) are automatically populated based on the users selection of location 44 in drop down menu. Creating 1000s of users to store their location and contact information is extremely inefficient, especially if only 1 user will be creating tickets for all the locations.
  • You would have themn fill those in when they register for an account?
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