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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

New Responsive User Interface "RISA" for osTicket 1.9.14

Many of you are using our free responsive frontend theme for osTicket 1.9.14., it was downloaded til today over 3700 times. After releasing it, we started a little bit later with the developing of a responsive backend. After some first tries, we remarked, that for getting a really responsive backend, that will work on mobile devices as well as on desktops, we have more to do, than only to integrate Bootstrap.

Four weeks ago, we started with the draft of the new user interface. Two weeks ago we started with the basic works and today I can present you a first preview on the example of the System Logs page.


Please have a look of our short preview video on facebook, leave comments, start discussing:
Click here to view the video!

We think about crowdfunding the work. Would you participate?


  • I'll participate
  • edited July 2016
    The work on our new responsive backend for osTicket 1.9.14 is going well. We have reworked the agent panel > ticket page completely new. Now you can live filter all results, see the used filters and change them without using advanced search. In admin panel now all dashboard and settings pages are finished.

  • This looks great! Cant wait til its available! It would solve a number of issues we have with the ticket page.
  • looks very promising we hope this could be a part of the official, looks better and efficient
  • edited August 2016
    Today we added the functionality to allow/deny groups to delete organizations or users. I think it's a really missing feature. In the user profile view you will get a warning, that all user tickets are deleted, too. This will not appear, if you delete the user in the list view. Now the warning appears here too.

    On mobile devices there's a problem with the combination of information preview popup and link. We added a info button in front of the user name / ticket name / etc., that allows you to get a preview and removed it from the name, that now only links to the detail view.

    We are working to make the backend a little smoother, you will get many informations by popups, that you will find in the detail view, too. So we decided to remove some informations from the popups and add them in the list view, you can enable/disable the visibility by clicking checkboxes. We decided further to reduce the number of popups, to improve the administration on mobile devices and small screens.

    On Wednesday, we will post new screenshots and new videos. We are very excited, if you like the new features and design...
  • It seems a bomb, when it will be available for download?
  • lovely, can't wait to try.
  • Is this Out, and available for all?/
  • Very interested to try this out
  • edited September 2016
    This responsive backend template looks very great, will this be free / GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE?
    When this great template will be released?
  • Any updates on the status of this UI?
  • edited September 2016
    "RISA" for osTicket 1.9.14 can i have link for download ? please :)

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  • @DMTGMBH I see this thread has been quiet for 5-6 months. Any news as yet on when this will be available for purchase or download?
  • News?
  • This is a great job :)
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