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attachments fs-plugin on IIS - subfolders and deletion questions

Hi all

We recently moved our osTicket to a new windows server. I noted that the subfolder structure in our attachments folder which the fs-plugin needs were named in upper and lower case letters before, but since windows does not make a difference here is now capital letters throughout. Upon ticket creation and also when calling up an attachment everything works fine. However, when I try to delete a ticket with an attachment (e.g. SPAM) I get an exception because the file could not be accessed in the form of an email with the subject: "IOException: Unable to read resource content" and I have to manually delete the file to get rid of it.

I checked the user rights and from there all looks good, so the system should have no trouble deleting the file. My theory: could the difference in naming explained above be in any kind related to the system not being able to delete the files or is this definitly something with the user rights?

Thanks for any help and here's the system information:

osTicket-Version v1.9.12 (19292ad)
Server-Software Microsoft-IIS/7.5
MySQL-Version 10.1.11
PHP-Version 5.4.42
All php extensions osTicket requires are enabled.


  • This sounds like you have a permissions issue to me.  Please ensure that your IIS user has permissions to be able to delete the files, and folders.  Please let me know how you make out on this.
  • That is what I also thought at first but giving or changing permissions for the IIS-User does not change this behavior. Also, I've tested to create new tickets with attachments. The attachments were stored correctly and I could also delete these tickets. Permissions on these new files were no different than the ones from tickets where the attachment could not be deleted. Very peculiar...
  • Huh.  That is odd.  While I don't think this will really help... who owns the old ones vs the new ones?
  • All files have/get exactly the same rights. Both old and new files are owned by the "Administrators" group. Further testing revealed that some new files can be deleted while others can not.
    Only thing I find is that the report states different small/large characters than the filename I can find in the attachments folder.
  • It sounds to me like you have files being stored in both the database and the storage system.
    When you installed the plugin did you migrate files out of the database?
  • The plugin was installed from the start of osticket, no files were ever or are now stored in the database.
  • Then I have no idea what the problem could be.  I still sounds like a permissions issue initially...
  • Must be. But I also have no clue, ervery setting seems correct - so weird. I'll update this thread once/if I find a solution.
  • Even this was a while ago, I think I found the cause: the old server was a linux machine while the new one is a windows one. On linux you can actually have a case sensitive folder structure which is not possible on windows (afak). While migrating the data each of the two folders for one letter (upper and lower case) of the linux drive where combined into one folder on the windows machine.
    I'm still not a 100% sure but this might be (part of) the reason for this weird behavior.
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