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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Adding Department and Help Topic Column to Tickets Page

There used to be clear and concise instructions during the 1.6 days in 2012-2013 on how to add new columns in the tickets such as Department and Help Topic. 

I am searching the 1.9 Mod pages and the and there is no clear and concise way anymore.

Has anyone successfully added a column on 1.9.xx? I have attached a picture of our old 1.6 page to display how we had multiple columns added. If anyone can show us how to do this for 1.9, it would be a huge help. 

You can see how we added Help Topic and Department below when we used 1.6. We need to do this for 1.9 now since we upgraded. Thanks.


  • That thread has the most up to date instructions.  And the release after 1.10 is supposed to have th custom queues feature which eliminates the need to alter the core source to achieve this.  Prior to that you are going to have to read through the thread and piece it together from the people who did it.
  • Thanks for the comment. How long will we have to wait until 1.10? You are saying 1.10 is supposed to give us the custom views option? Or 1.11? Or 1.10.1?
  • Q: How long will we have to wait until 1.10?
    A: until the devs decide that its stable enough to release.  You unfortunately will not get a more precise or better answer than that.

    Q: You are saying 1.10 is supposed to give us the custom views option? Or 1.11? Or 1.10.1?
    A: It is my understanding that the release after 1.10... what ever that ends up being.
  • ntozier... I added the new columns in last night. Attached is the file that someone can plug right into their OSTicket 1.9.XX seamlessly.


  • This is what it looks like:

  • I tried to use the new file that EMS Ticket included but now my osticket doesnt show any columns at all?
  • @Sam_Parris remove the file and restore the stock file.  @EMS Ticket wrote this for some unknown version of the 1.9.x tree.  This thread doesn't tell us which one.
  • Thanx a lott @EMS Ticket 
    Worked for me. Can you please suggest me the code for adding the Status column as well..?

  • Use the file but there are helptopics that I can´t see, why?
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