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Still closed the option "email from" ?

I loved the version 1.6 even with all the mistakes, I tried the version 1.7 RC4 but I found some "mistakes" in my opinion...

And I am telling it as a user, I dont know nothing about programming. I am just looking for a good user experience, and let me be honest, the 1.7 RC4 is beautifull but as User I need some atention.

Let me try to explain myself.

1. change the field "from" this option must be easier than it is in 1.7RC4 beacuse user than me, are trying to integrate differents and free options and this field must be editable for the admin user.

2. database backup, the emails from our clients are important to us, why we dot have a option to donwload it in format csv or xml?

3. When will integrate facebook and twitter support? this is very important because the clients are requesting solution in all the ways.

I hope to see a better osticket. I think osticket 1.6 in his time was better and a great solution, created for the problems of the moments. but now 1.7rc4 for me is not working in the rigth way.

Is my opinion, and can read what do you think I hope to see more changes in osticket thinking in us..the users
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