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add notes to ticket via api

I have been able to ad one not to a ticket during creation; however for my project I need to add multiple notes from different sources when a ticket is created; or be able to add a not to an existing ticket.


  • There is no way to add a note to tickets after a ticket has been opened at this time with out logging into the UI and manually adding the note.
  • Can you point me to the code for the api and the note section -- so I can see how bit a deal it is.
  • ntozier posted this in another thread, its the API documentation:

  • I teach IT classes at a technical high school and I want to use a ticket system so that the students get an introduction to the environment that they are likely to be working in.  I hope to be able to present it to the students so that each ticket is from a customer with a problem to be solved.  Then depending on their experience, attached to the ticket a note from a team lead / training manager, explaining how to get started or where to research the issue.  I was able to do this in OTRS but the interface was too involved for the students.

    osTicket has the easy interface and sufficient features to be the best fit for my needs.

    I have customer problems and team leader advise developed, I'm just trying to deliver it in a realistic fashion.

    If anyone is working on an update a ticket or add notes to a ticket when it is being created, or has direction on how to do this, I have the programming skills to assist with the project or take it on completely.
  • Which version are you using?
    Could you give an example of how you want the process to be?
    How are the tickets created?
    Should the tickets get the notes on creation?
    Will the notes differ from time to time?
  • The student clicks a link which starts the task.  That link it the script which creates the ticket.

    The ticket has an entry from the 'customer' explaining the problem to be addressed, as well as links to the virtual system on which to perform the tasks neede to fix the problem.

    The ticket should then have a note attached from the 'training manager' giving the student insight into how to research the problem and what to do to solve the problem.

    Idealy, the student should be allowed to select how much help to get thereby how much/many notes are attached to the ticket.

    The text for these levels are specific to each task but the follow the form of:
    - Customer Description
    - Keywords / Topics to research
    - Links to understanding the problem
    - Overview of solution
    - Generic solution process
    - specific solution process.

    The points the student receives upon completion is dependant on the level of support the student requests. 

    So technically, I need a script (like the create ticket script) which will post an internal note to an existing ticket.
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    There is currently no API to do this with osTicket.  You would have write your own.

    Or use email...
  • use email ?
  • If you use this as a base:
    you should be able to create an api to add notes to tickets.
  • Thank you all for your input.  I found the osticketapp ( and the API it provides ( which gives me all the connectivity I need.

  • Interesting. You have to pay for that though, correct @dpipkin
  • The API is donate - ware.
  • Also please keep in mind that this is 3rd party software and not supported here.
  • of course -- thank you
  • edited October 2017
    Thanx a lot for this response!
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