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osTicket installed on synology Diskstation

We have a Diskstation where we have installed osTicket on, and it works perfectly, but there is a problem regarding connection to it outside the local network.

The adress to the osTicket system are: http://diskstation/osticket/upload (local).
We have configured our firewall to open port 5000 (The web-interface to the diskstation), so we can connect to the admin interface of the NAS from the outside, but not the osticket system.
Are there any special ports that we need to open in the firewall to get it to work? port 80 are not available, because we are running the company website on that port. how can I tell the DNS to route to the osticket system just by typing www.[domain].com/osticket/ ?


  • Sure, you can use any port, but will need to configure the web server to LISTEN on a specific port (not sure how easy that is to do in Synology, though I could check on one of our Synology NAS boxes) and then set the Apache virtual hosts setup on your web server to forward a sub-domain to that port. Plus you will have to open up all the email ports if they aren't open. Honestly it sounds like a huge headache compared to just putting the whole thing on a normal web server to begin with.

    Help with the port forwarding:
  • I have now tried to find out where I can input the port, but I can't find out which file to put it into. But I have tried a different way by opening port 3306 in Our firewall, and route trafic from www.[domain].no/support to the internal adress With the 3306 port. But this doesn't work at all.

    What I think happens: The Routing Works fine to the diskstation and it opens the phpMySql standard page, but doesn't route the request to the right db (osTicket db)

    thatguyyoulove: I went to the page you linked to, but I can't seem to find the file i'm suppose to put in the data.
  • The file you will be editing for the forwarding is located on whatever webserver your domain is on. It is httpd.conf most likely (if you are on a CentOS server, for Debian based systems you need to create a file in the sites-available folder). It's probably located in /etc/apache2. Use some obscure port number.

    More info on that:

    Opening the Port, Preferred Method:
    You then need to make sure that your firewall forwards this obscure port to internal port 80 of your NAS's IP.
    WAN IP -
    Synology LAN IP -
    Obscure Port picked: 9504

    Firewall rule would be: ->

    Add a new website via the Control Panel -> Web Services -> Virtual Host area and add a new virtual host with a port number other than 80. Copy your osTicket install there (copy all files). Forward whatever port you used inside your firewall to your Synology box.

    Again this really doesn't make much sense to set things up this way instead of just putting osTicket on a real webserver.
  • davpau 

    did you have any luck I am now trying to do the same thing.
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