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setting answered/unanswered depending on who creates ticket (agent vs customer)

Hi All,

Is there an appropriate way to set a ticket as answered by default if the agent creates it?  Or provide it as an optional field to set?

Our agents often send requests for information to customers, and we don't want the ticket to appear as unanswered (bold ticket number) until we get a response back from the customer.

I could make mods if that's appropriate, but would like some guidance as to if that's the correct approach.

My preference is to follow the best approach that doesn't need code updates whenever I upgrade osticket to a new release, although that may not be possible.



  • An Agent adding a reply automaticly sets a tickets state to answered (which removes the bold ticket number).  It does not change its status however.  I'm not aware of any way of doing this with out replying however.
  • Thanks for the reply.  Do you know if the answered state is computed based on who last replied, or is it set as a static value in the ticket table?
  • It's set if an agent posts a reply (not an internal note).
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