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Ticket filter help. Not working as desired.

This is my first question in the forum.

I am using the latest version of OST, 1.9.14.

I have a problem with OSTicket and its Ticket filter option.

The following is what I set in the filter 1 and filter 2

Filter 1 -- User email contains xxx then set priority to high -- Excecution order 1

Filter 2 -- Priority contains high then SLA plan is 24 hours.

So I raise 2 new tickets as follows

Ticket 1 - user email -- The priority becomes high though I did not make any input in the priority but the system does not do my second check where the filter says if priority is high then SLA should be 24 hrs

Ticket 2 - user email as with priority input as high -- Now the ticket checks for my priority and gives me an SLA plan of 24 hours without my giving an input of SLA plan.

My ticket filter is working fine but the dual level is what is not working. How can I overcome this?

Thanks in advance.


  • Admin panel -> Settings -> Emails:
    Default Priority?
    Default SLA?
    Default Help Topic?

    Admin panel -> Manage -> Help Topics -> your default Help Topic:
    SLA Plan?

    Filter 1: Please post a screen shot.
    Filter 2: Please post a screen shot.

    I'm really not very sure what isn't working.
  • edited August 2016
    Hi ntozier, sorry have been outta town.

    All priorities are set to system default.

    So after looking at the below filter, If user Siddharth raises a ticket then his priority is getting set to high however the SLA plan is not getting updated.

    I know I can inculcate both in the same but I need this to work.

    Also can you let me know if there is a way to set SLA plan coupled with Impact(self created) and priority (system created)

    For ex:
    If Impact = self & Priority = emergency then SLA = 24 hrs
    If impact = whole location & Priority = emergency then SLA = 4 hrs and so on.

    This should be automatic, i.e. should change automatically when ticket is created or when agent updates the above parameter and should not be configurable by agents.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Try changing High in the second filter to its numerical equiv.
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