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Forms - Variable Information

Just a quick question to make sure I am understanding how I think this works in my head.

So when creating forms (or editing existing) we have the variable field (as shown in the attached image). What role does this variable play? Is it used to create an entry/reference in the SQL DB so reports can pull data referenced by that variable?



  • That variable is what you would use if you wanted to include the field value in an email template.

    It's a little dated but this ought to clarify:
  • Ahhh, okay, that makes perfect sense then. 

    Then that leads me to the question of if I want to pull a report directly from the DB using my own tools and I want to specify a specific label/variable/entry that exists in a custom form how would I go about that?

  • edited August 2016
    It can also be used to populate those fields if you're pushing data via the API to make new tickets.
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