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Explanation Custom Forms and List

I have a Question for the Custom List.I need to clarify something that is not clear.

i want under Organisation Information add a Line that let me choose from a list.
This List should contain 2 Vendors.
This 2 Vendors should have multiple Products.
So let's say Vendor A and Vendor B
Products under Vendor A are X3 and X5
Products under Vendor B are S5 and Q5
Is it possible tomake this 2 Lists avaible under 1 Form?
I read some documentation about custom lists nd custom forms but i don't get this working

any help would be appreciated

i am running osticket v 1.9.14 under IIS8.5 with MySQL 5.6.3



  • The only way that I can think of that would work this way is if you made a Help Topic for each Vendor. Then create a form and add the Product list to that form.  Then add the form to the Help Topic.
  • ok thank you for your help
    i am not able to create more Help topics because it's too confusing for the end user.
    I think i will make 1 great list with all of the Products X3 X5 S5 Q5 etc. and Another Dropdown List for Vendor.
    So it is not clear that Product S5 is only available with Vendor B but it is easier to integrate it on the organisation Information.
    Hope that 1.10 will come out soon!
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