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Adding agents to multiple departments?

Hello all,
OST1.9.14. We're just starting to use OST among a smaller group to iron out the problems, see what needs tweaking, etc. One problem I'm already seeing is that I need a way to assign agents to multiple departments. For instance, my boss is management, but he also does a lot with technology and should thus be in the tech department. A customer service rep and a graphics guy both spend a lot of time doing tech as well, so should also be there. Some CSRs should also be on management, a tech guy should also be a CSR, and so on. However, as far as I can tell, this isn't possible. There may be very good reasons it can't be done, I don't know.

Teams seem like the most obvious solution. The only questions then become:

* Do teams have all the advantages of departments (assigning tickets to groups of people, letting all members of the group view tickets assigned to that group, having their own emails, etc)?
* Is there anything I should consider if I decide to run entirely off teams instead of departments? Or is a hybrid approach best, with teams playing a central role but agents still in departments according to their primary function?
* If I go hybrid, could users/agents creating tickets still assign to the right people? That is, if Joe is a CSR but should be included in all technology items, how would the agent Bob create a technology ticket that includes the technology department as well as those in other departments on the technology team? Could this be automated somehow, preferably without major code changes?

Sorry for all the questions. Things keep coming up as we finally start beta testing "for real" and this forum is the best place to go after I google my question. Thanks for your patience.
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