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Products owned by organization

Hi to everyone!

I'm trying to configure a local instance of osTicket 1.9.12 on our company server, and I'm facing with an issue that I don't know how to resolve.

Summing up, we need to track some info about the products an organization buyed from us, i.e. the serial number, the mainteinance status and deadline, etc. in order to prioritize the tickets accomplishment. An organization may owns more than one product: for every one we need the info I just mentioned. Note: even if a ticket usually relates to one product, a panoramic view of all the products buyed by a customer is recommended for the agent in order to decide their actions.

Naively, I created a Custom Form containing all the info I need, and I associate it to the Organization Form. Unfortunately, I've noticed that only one "instance" of the custom form can be added to the Organization form, thus limiting the number of products a company may own.

I don't know if this is the right way to accomplish my job. Alternatively, anyone may suggest me another way? Every hint is welcome!

Thanks, and have a nice day,
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