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Email setup questions... confusion about how it works.

The way I'd like to set up osTicket is with two emails...

One email for our clients to send the ticket to e.g.

And another email that sends the alert to my team when we get a new ticket e.g.

Thus far my supervisor setup two email accounts, but they are considered "group" or distribution list emails. I'm not sure one can send an email from these accounts. They don't have logins or passwords. I'm not sure that they would work for our setup.

So then what do I need?

I'm assuming I need at least one group email would be fine - the ticketalerts email and a normal email account created for postsupport. This would have a login/password. When an agent answers the ticket I'm guessing that it is sent from the postsupport email. Is this how it works?



  • The email address that clients send to needs to be a real account.

    The email address your sending from doesn't need to be an account.
  • Thanks!

    If we're using Microsoft Exchange as our email infrstructure, do IMAP settings apply?

  • Microsoft Exchange is an IMAP server.  It uses its own proprietary MAPI protocol for Outlook, but you would still connect via IMAP.  So yes.
  • Cool. Thanks. Thus far I've been able to use the group email to reply from osTicket. If we end up using portal only then this would work. If we wanted to give the ability to our clients to create tickets and also respond via email then it seems like a real email would be necessary.

  • Yup. 
    And your very welcome. :)
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