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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

v1.10rc3 hide teams when staff is not a member

i've install osticket 1.10rc3. In version 1.9.14 it was possible that a staff can't see the team where he is no member. Now he can assign a ticket to all existing teams.
Can you customize the columns of the ticket list? The due date is to be displayed permanently.


  • I'm not aware of any changes like you have described between assigning to a team.  i do not run 1.9.14 and would not run 1.10rc3 in a production environment.

    As far as customizing the ticket list, there is a thread here on the forums that will point you in the right direction. Right now you have to alter the source to achieve this:

    There is a forth coming feature called Custom Queues that I am told to expect in the version after 1.10.

  • Thank you.
    Yes, but we start with osticket and in version 1.9 can a staff access to all customers. That's unfavorable.
    When is the 1.10 stable? Is there a roadmap anywhere?
  • Q: When is the 1.10 stable?
    A: When the devs release the stable.  I know that answer isn't very good, but it is the best answer I have.

    Q: Is there a roadmap anywhere?
    A: there is no public roadmap.
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