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New Agent Password Reset (welcome email)

Set up a new agent and they received the welcome email. Clicking on the link in the email takes them to the login page to just enter username/email. Submitting that form just returns back to that page (scp/pwreset.php), with no password reset. Endless loop at this point. Didn't find any reference to this in the forums. Is there a fix for this?

osTicket v1.9.14




  • When you create an agent account (and leave send welcome email checked) it sends an email to confirm the account. The link takes you to a page to confirm the email [or username].
    Entering the email [or username] takes you to the Agents account profile.
    At the top of the page says "Hi Neil - You must change your password to continue!"
    Fill out the New Password and Confirm New Password field. 
    click Save Changes.
    You will get a "Profile updated successfully" at the top of the page.
    This will generate an "Someone changed your password email to the agents email".

    So I'm not real sure what you are talking about looping endlessly...
  • I had the same issue, endlessly looping on the enter your username/email with no password option.
    After adding "Search User" credentials to my LDAP plugin that issue went away.....

  • hi 

    have you found solution ? 
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