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Ticket Filter not working on Agent update of Ticket

This is what I want to do:

I created a Custom Form with a Field Label IsComplete of type Checkbox.

What I want is that if the Agent edits the Ticket and selects the Checkbox, (which would mean that he has completed the Ticket request), a Ticket Filter is triggered, and the ticket is assigned to the Billing Team and the Status is changed to "Pending Billing".

This does not seem to be working.

1) Can a Ticket Filter be triggered on an Agent Edit of the Ticket?
2) If so, how can I trigger this Ticket Filter? I tried values 1, TRUE and YES none seem to do the trick.

I am using v1.10 rc3.


  • 1) No.  Ticket filters are only run when a ticket is created.
  • That is a pity, as it would make things so much easier. Could you not force the running of such a filter?

    It is common issue to be able to perform several tasks at once i.e. Change Ticket Status, Assign to another Team and switch department in one go rather than have to perform 3 actions.

    Another way could be to have a button "Ticket Transfer" and you can have the options to leave as is or make multiple options at once.

    I used to used Kayako Ticketing and they had the ability to do this by creating a Ticket Macro, and if the ticket has specific criteria, thn the Macro Button is available.

    For example: If ticket is Sales and Status is Won then a Custom button woul appear that will trigger something similar to the Ticket Filter to perform several tasks, and the Agent can click on it when needed,.
  • Q: Could you not force the running of such a filter?
    A: No, filters are only triggered when a ticket is created.
  • So not even on email replies?
  • Only if said email reply opens a ticket.
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