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Empty directories with Filesystem storage plugin


Im using osTockets 1.9.14 in an hosted web account. To take care of the size of my database, I installed the filesystem-storage plugin about attachements and all seems to be OK from the osTickets side since the attachments are well uploaded and well available/downloadable from each concerned ticket.

But, what trouble me is that I don't see any file (unless ".keep") in my attachments directory. Instead, I see a serials of single letter subdirectories (see attached screenshot). I guess it's not the expected behavior and this seems to be confirmed by a thread like this one, but why ? This thread of 2014 doesn't finish with a solution but with an acceptation of the situation.

Is it a known bug (even if non-fatal since the attachments are well reachable through osTickets)? Do you know a typical fix?


  • After you installed the Storage :: Attachments on the Filesystem plugin... did you migrate your attachments to the filesystem?  Because installing and configuring and enabling it does not move your attachments.
  • edited September 2016
    Yes, I did it and it created a lot of empty directories. Then, I thought it was an error and I changed back the settings to database, then I disabled the plugin, changed the pointed directory (to restart from a clean one) and re-enabled it before to set the settings to use it again. On first ticket with attachment I then taken a look at the folder and it was with empty folders as per the screenshot I attached above.

    Well, but I can't compromise this support desk wich is a production one about a commercial software at launch stage... So, I switched back to database and I'll do my test beside with another install when I'll have more time...

    Thanks for your hint
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