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Tickets assigned to Team


Is there a possibility to list all tickets assigned to the Teams I'm Member of ?
At the Moment, if I'm right, I can only see the at the Open Tab but they are mixed with all other Tickets.

It would be great if I can see Team Tickets in the My Tickets view or add a separated view My Team Tickets or something like this to filter in this selection.

Also a great Feature would be to have a Unassigned view included to list all Tickets which are not assigned to a individual person nor a Team.

Please think about this before launching the 1.7 ST release in a couple of Weeks.

Thank in advance,


  • * You can filters tickets using advanced search

    * Showing team's tickets in My Tickets might clutter assigned tickets - but it's worth considering. Perhaps an option on user profile.

    * You can actually show only unassigned tickets on Open queue - See Admin Panel > Settings > Tickets. Admins and managers can enable/disable the feature at the personal level on profile page.
  • Thanks

    Hi Peter,

    Showing team's tickets in My Tickets or separated view would be a great function!

    I believe that there are much people who would enjoy this option, User Profile to add them to My Ticket view would be a great feature if separated view isn't possible.

    For the unassigned tickets on Open queue I know this settings but We also would like to have a view over all open tickets additional to unassigned tickets. For me this isn't possible to filter them out of the rest using advance search or am I wrong ? ;-)

  • The plan is to add custom views (think saved advanced searches) - but I doubt it will make it in 1.7.

    You're correct on advanced search not being able to filter unassigned tickets.
  • Thanks for 1.7 but...

    Hi all,

    Thanks for publishing the 1.7 release!

    Did something happen about my above question to have the Team Tickets seen in the My Tickets view ? Unfortunately I can't find any option on user profile as we discussed before!?

    Is there any possibility to see all Tickets I'm Member of included Team Tickets ?

    Thanks in advance,
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