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How to link to ticket details by ticket number?


In short: how can I link to an osTicket ticket details page with an url that has the ticket number (not ID) as input?

Explanation: I'm in the process of linking several of our systems (Gitweb, Gerrit, Bugzilla and osTicket) together. All of them have the option to automatically change a string "bug 123" into, for example, a hyperlink to our bugzilla database. I also would like to do that for osTicket tickets. So, I want to replace the string "Ticket #123456" to a url that links directly to the ticket details page. But I don't have the ticket ID, just the ticket number, so I cannot use the standard ticket details url.

Assume the person clicking the url is already logged in, so authentication is not a problem.

Thanks a lot,



  • 1.9.5 is really old I would suggest that you upgrade.

    If you have the ticket number and you are writing scripts... you can look at the ost_ticket table and look up the ticket id with the ticket number.

    SELECT ticket_id WHERE number='fauxTickeNum';
  • Ok, so I have to do the lookup myself. That's okay.
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