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Search users when LDAP plugin is enabled


Can anyone tell me how the search for users is supposed to work when LDAP authentication plugin is enabled?

I have pointed to a LDAP server and enabled Staff Authentication to use LDAP.

Existing Agents are set to authenticate off any available backend.

This works fine to authenticate my agents, but when they create a new ticket and search for an existing user, it is so slow that they give up before the results come back.

When I disable the LDAP plugin, the search results come back instantly.

It seems like the search is trying to query the LDAP directory and this takes priority.  Is there a way to set this so it searches the local DB and then moves to LDAP if the user isn't found?





  • I've pinged the devs about this.
    I notice that you haven't provided the version of osTicket that you are running though.
    My understanding is that it prefers local, but hits LDAP.. so maybe the problem is that its waiting for both queries to resolve before displaying results?
  • Hi ntozier,

    I am running v1.9.12.

    Thanks for your help with this.

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