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Can set the past date and time in due day?

osTicket Version : 1.9.12

Since our support team need to make a record on system, even the case has been finish. We need take a record the day should be accurately. But we can't set the due date in the past day. How I can do it? For example, our HR manager asked support teammate to fix he PC yesterday morning directly. Than the support teammate want to create a call for record, but he can't set the due day is yesterday morning. 


  • Q: How I can do it?
    A: You cannot.  Backdating is not a feature in the osTicket UI.  You could however directly edit the value at the database level.  I would suggest that you have staff open a ticket first.  Then troubleshoot and fix the problem and update the ticket as they go.  Of course I also am nost real sure why you would need to use duedate at all.

  • Em...Sorry, I think presented wrong information, but the example is real. Since we want to have case date exactly. We can count how long of case period and count how many case by day. If front support teammate finished the case before create ticket, the date time must not correct. This is the reason why we need to insert case date.
  • Yup.  And I'm saying that this "If front support teammate finished the case before create ticket," is a work flow issue.  Front support team should be opening a ticket before troubleshooting.
  • @ntozier

    Got it :) understood 

    Case can close
  • Closed, but not marked as resolved.
    Having a backdate mode for administrators would be nice.
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