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Email loop detected


On every cron call following error is being logged (V1.9.14). Can anybody give me a clue to find the email/s associated with the loop.

It appears as though is being used as a forwarded or fetched email account and is also being used as a user / system account. Please correct the loop or seek technical assistance.

I cleared some piped email usage as the guest email address assuming that cause the issue but it still logs the same error. 

Thanks in advance.


  • osTicket gives this error when it detects that SENDING an email would result in an email to itself (loop).  So I would say that it has nothing to do with cron other than it is when email is being picked up so that tickets can be created.  Do you delete emails after processing?  or move them to a subfolder?  Can you look at the mail server logs and find out who the emails were sent to?
  • Thanks for the information!

    Move them to a subfolder.

    Sorry I don't have access to mail server logs because we have just subscribe to a hosted email service. 

    Could you please let me know if there anyway to log the ticket id or email of the ticket which cause this loop? Because the error message is very general it's hard to imagine from where to start.

    Thanks again!
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