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1.9.13 Error when inputting non US email addresses (Well at least Australian ones anyway)

I'm in Australia.
When I'm testing the mail settings under Settings/Email/Diagnostic when I put in my Australian formatted email address ( the valid email address validation fails and doesn't let me send.

If I change it to a US formatted address ( then all is well..

There's an error in the regex that parses this email address. Maybe someone can fix?

Thanks in advance



  • You could disablke it.
    Go to: Admin panel -> Settings -> Email
    uncheck: "Verify email address domain".
  • Thanks, that sorted it :-)
  • I thought that it might.  Usually when I see this disabling it fixes the symptom, however it just fixes the symptom there is usually a larger problem (with DNS) of the domain.  So you might want to take a look at your DNS and make sure things are resolving and reverse resolving properly.
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