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Script in ticket being parsed out

Hi Guys

Using Osticket v1.9.14-16

When trying to paste a script into the web ticket creation from the client side I'm getting a situation where the script is getting parsed and the end result is a ticket with an incomplete script.

Sample Ticket Creation

It seems to be breaking/parsing out the "<" in the first IF statement

Can some one help me figure out why is it getting parsed out.



  • I would presume that its being parsed out because allowing code to be injected would be a pretty big security risk.

    You could try sanitizing is by changing <> to the html character entities. the and symbol followed by lt; etc.
  • As an after though if that wasn't clear see this:
    It should clear up what I mean.
  • edited November 2016
    Thanks ntozier

    What I've found is that it is parsing out anything that proceeds a "less than" symbol

    Test < Test

    So the above text when posted to osticket will look like this below in the resulting ticket


    I tried using lt; and ampersand but it still get's parsed.

    I'd like to know if anyone can point me to the file that contains the code that does the preg_replace of the < symbol.

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