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Is there a way i can change the "Department" field to a different name?

edited November 2016 in General Discussions
Hi guys,

First time posting here, love OSticket thus far. I am using OSticket as a 3D printing submission site for my school and i am interested in changing the text "Department" to something like "Build Status". I wanted to see [1] if this was possible [2] what config file i have to modify in order to achieve this. Attached is a reference picture.

Thank you very much,



  • What version are you running?

    Are you ever planning on running any additional languages other than English?
    If no then I think that you could edit /include\client\ circa line 66.

    replace: <th><?php echo __('Department');?>:</th>
    with: <th><?php echo __('Build Status');?>:</th>

    If that doesn't work then change it to:
    <th><?php echo Build 'Status';?>:</th>
    As a side note: this change is only on the client side of the UI.
  • Thank you for the respone ntozier,

    I am running I will try what you suggested.

    Thank you very much.
  • I have no intentions of changing languages in the future. I tried both of these solutions but neither of them worked.
  • It worked on my test sites... your version must be too old to have the code be the same.
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