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Please read before requesting assistance

When requesting assistance please always include the version of osTickets you are using.
Most of the system information that we need is located at: Admin panel -> Dashboard -> Information.
It is generally a great idea to provide detailed instructions on what you did so that we can attempt to replicate the error, and/or include screen shots or mock ups of your issue.

Please always revert back to the English Language set (default) and see if you are still experiencing the same issue. 

Also it will assist those you are requesting help from if you can include any of the following when it is pertinent:
  • PHP Error log entries or displayed errors. (you of course may remove any identifying information)
  • Mail Sending: phpMail functions or SMTP
  • Mail Fetching/Receiving: IMAP or POP and Server version
  • PHP version
  • Operating System
  • Client or Staff side of the UI
  • the location - the url or what your clicking on that is causing the problem.
  • screen shots or mock ups showing what you are talking about
A great way to get all the software version information is to log into your osTicket and go to Admin Panel -> Dashboard -> Information.

Please remember that installing mods from the the Mods and Customizations section can drastically alter this product. While we will try to help you, modded installations should be reverted back to stock prior to reporting a problem. The same is true about custom plugins unless your problem is with one of the official plugins from

Forum member Grizly wrote a great post about finding your logs here's a brief overview of it:
    Apache: depends on your ErrorLog directives, but primarily stored in: /var/log/apache2/error.log

    IIS:, also:



If you have a hosted server, please consult the help/kb's for your host to find the logs.
It is generally considered common courtesy not to highjack other peoples threads.  Just because you think the person is having the exact same issue doesn't mean they are, please start your own threads.

Thank you,
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