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[resolved] 403 Forbidden Error

We are on OST 1.9.14.

We have a "403 Forbidden Error" when we create a new Canned Response.

Checking up the error log, we see the below:
[Wed Nov 09 23:22:20 2016] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/xxx914/scp/sys_cpanel, referer: http://xxx1914/scp/canned.php?a=add

Anyone can help please?




  • edited November 2016

  • The webserver is telling you that access to the page is forbidden.  I would say that your webserver doesn't have access to the file.
  • @ntozier  sorry i'm not a server guy. but why would it happen all of a sudden?
    i've checked and the file is there. permission is same as other files.
  • this page isn't the only file with this 403 Forbidden error.

    The same error happens when i try to "post reply" with a sample "Canned Response".

    but the PHP file exist and permission is correct.
  • The most common reason for things changing is actually software upgrades.  

    If you run SELinux or mod_security you might want to try temporarily shutting them off.
  • Thanks @ntozier.
    Will talk to the cloud server guy. 
  • Thanks a lot @ntozier.

    Our server guy got your pointer. He made some changes and we're now OK.
    No such 403 error.

    He said "It was caused due to mod security on the server where  i have help disable it."

    Can close this case.
  • Right on! :)  I'm glad that you got that sorted out.
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