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Assigning departments to users

My company has multiple products and serves multiple clients who exclusively use these products. If I set up each product as a department, is there any way I can automatically transfer tickets from a user to the correct department? As far as I have understood, the only way to assign a department to a user is through the help topics. I could change the name of the help topics to the product names, or setup parent and child topics but that isn't ideal. Is it possible to set it up so that a user is tied to a department and all tickets the user creates would be transferred to only that department? Is there any feature I am missing that could make this possible? Or should I install multiple instances of osTicket to support each product?


  • While you cannot add users to departments... you can create ticket filters to tickets from specific emails to specific departments. But I think that in this case I would say instead of doing that use Help Topics.  You could create a Help Topic for each product and that way the user can select the product, and the help topic will route the ticket to the appropriate department. 
  • Hello!

    I would like to add on to this question if that's OK.  When setting up departments, what is the difference between a "public" department and a "private" department?    When I log into the ticketing site as a test user, it lets me select a help topic, but does not let me pick a department.

    As the administrator I would like to add new departments, but I'm not sure what will show up on the user end when someone submits a ticket.  Will they ever be able to see the department?  or just the help topic?  

  • Q: When setting up departments, what is the difference between a "public" department and a "private" department?
    A: The Help for that Radial says: "Select Private if you wish to mask assignments to this Department in the Client Portal. Additionally, when labeled as Private, the Department Signature will not be displayed in email replies. "  I believable that the ability to reveal departments to the users no longer exists, and that this option is deprecated.

    Q: Will they ever be able to see the department?  
    A: No, I do not think so.

    Q: or just the help topic?   
    A: Yes.  They pick their Help Topic.
  • ok - thanks for your help!
  • Very welcome. :)
  • @emilykress16 
    Oops!  Sorry but I was wrong!

    You can go to Admin panel -> Manage -> forms -> Ticket Details and add a custom field of Department.
    for the Type you can select Department.  This would give the user the ability to select the department. Personally I'm going to leave it obfuscated on my own installations but wanted to set the record straight.
  • Awesome!  thanks for the updated information.  I will pass this along to our users.   I appreciate any extra info like this....I'm still new to Os Ticketing program and I've been learning as I g.  But,  I will say I have learned a lot of useful information from this forum.  So I'm very thankful for it!
  • Glad to be of assistance!
  • edited November 2016
    So I was able to add a department field using the instructions you provided, but apparently I already have a department field somewhere because it's showing up twice on the ticket.  I'm not sure where it could be pulling from......Maybe I misunderstood what the custom field is supposed to be for.  Also is this somehow tied to the "List" function?    What is the "List" field supposed to be used for?

  • Department is a internal osTicket field.  So yes if you added one you would now have two.

    I'm confused how you can have two different values though.  If you selected Department in the drop down then you are accessing the internal Department variable.  


    If you go back to Admin panel -> Manage -> forms -> Ticket Details and click on Config, then on Settings uncheck all the For Agents check boxes.  This should eliminate the display for agents.
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