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[resolved] Reply to email creates a new ticket number

version info above...

Has anyone seen the issue where a customer replies to the ticket via email and instead of just adding their reply to the original ticket, OSTicket actually creates a new ticket number?  This has been happening for a few months now and seems to be random .  See screenshot below and notice the original ticket numbers at the end of the subject line.  Any ideas??




  • osTicket matches emails to tickets is using the email headers.  Specifically the message-id field. Some crappy email clients do not preserve the message-id field... which cause this behavior.  If osTicket cannot determine the ticket to update it checked the subject field for a ticket number.  You have two.  I'm not sure if that would confuse it.

    If both of those matching techniques fail, it creates a new ticket.
  • But we never put the second ticket number in the subject, OsTicket did that.  Do you see the "Re Re Re Re" in the subject, neither the customer nor our team ever changed the subject. The customer is simply replying to the original ticket with proper email and subject "Re: control surface alignment [ticket number T809136]" and every time he replies OsTicket is creating a new ticket and appending [TicketXXXXX] to the subject.  
  • You also do not appear to have the # before it.  Go to Admin panel -> Manage -> Emails -> Templates
    new ticket alert and change your variable to: [#%{ticket.number}]
  • Ahhhh.. I think you found it.  Yes, we did edit the templates because we thought Ticket Number and the Number Sign # seemed a bit redundant.  I will add the # back and see if that fixes the issue.  I will report back since this may help others.
  • Ntozier was 100% correct, removing the # in the subject of our ticket templates is what caused OSTicket to go crazy and start creating new tickets for each reply.  So lesson learned for any other OST managers out there, it's probably best not to edit the default text of the subject in any of the OST templates.

    You can close this as resolved.  Thank you.
  • Very welcome, and thanks for following up and letting us know.
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