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Ticket filter isn't changing ticket priority

I'm trying to create ticket filter that will change the ticket's priority from High to Normal, with canned reply.
the reply is sent to the user, but the priority isn't changing.

Ticket filter:

Submitted ticket (priority is still high):

OsTicket configuration:


  • Ticket filters only run on ticket creation.

    Also your version of osTicket is several versions behind current.
  • I'm talking about the ticket creation.
    When user creates a ticket with High priority without filling the "Reason" field in the ticket details form - I want to change his priority to "Normal" automatically so I created ticket filter.

    (I also have another test machine with osTicket 1.10 stable and the filter works properly) 
    I'm aware that my version is old, but I can't upgrade it now.. (my boss decision's..)

    please advice.
  • Sounds to me like your old version has a bug.
  • just wanted to update that this bug is also occurring in V1.9.15.
  • You do realize that 1.10 is current. Right?
  • Yes but 1.10 still have a lot of bugs, so I don't want to upgrade yet.
    Can give me some guidance about the files that I should check regarding this bug?
  • No idea.
    You would have to go through all the PRs (Pull Requests) from after your version was released to determine which one addressed the issue and apply that patch manually.
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