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SLA not marking overdue (If SLA over 838 hours)

OS Ticket: 1.9.12
Web: IIS 8.5
MySQL 5.7.15
PHP: 5.6.0

I've noticed that if an SLA is set larger than 838 hours (found via manual testing), the system will not flag the ticket overdue when the SLA is reached.

I have 6 SLA's with 3 of them being over 3 months in duration. I had a user point out to me today that one of their tickets wasn't marked as overdue, so I started looking in to it. If I changed the SLA to 839 hours, nothing is changed, change it to 838 or lower - the ticket is marked as overdue by the system.

I've been running another install in a test environment with 1.9.15 and the issue persists.

Is there a setting somewhere I am missing?
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