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Deleting Organizations

Anyone else have a problem with this?
Mine has been running for 45 mins with the 'Loading' screen and the animated .gif rolling round...


  • Not sure I follow you.
    You deleted an org and its not completing?
  • Looks like it.
    Firstly I tried pressing the 'Delete Organization' button from within the organization details page (Users >> Organizations >> Click on one)
    This stuck on the 'Loading' page
    I have closed the tab and reopened a new tab, logged in again.
    This time I've tried from the Users >>  Organizations list - ticked the one I wanted to remove and press the 'More >> Delete' link and it worked.
    It does look like my web server is running slowly today though...
    Worth investigation??
  • And what version are you running?
    Whats your server environment?
    I would definitely investigate why the server is running slow... then I would add and delete Orgs a couple times to see if the load was affecting it.
  • edited December 2016
    Looks like it was a slow connection 
    Close please :)

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