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[resolved] Multiple Alerts using Filter Auto-Assignment


I tried searching for this but to no avail.

The problem is our Agents receive two alerts for every ticket assigned to them.  The New Message Alert, which is the customer's original inquiry and the New Internal Note Alert, which is notification of auto-assignment.

How do we limit the number of alerts down to one per assigned ticket? I cannot simply disable one of them. We need both the new message alerts and the internal note alerts. We regularly have back and forth communication both internally and externally to solve complicated matters.

Please see attached informational screen captures.


  • For some reason I'm not sure attachments worked on the OP.
  • You are three maintenance releases and one major release behind.  Please update and re-test.
  • To be honest I'm a bit terrified of upgrading.. I might lose settings, customizations, plugin functionality, etc..
  • You will not lose settings.
    You will lose customization if you altered the code.
    I understand that all the plugins have been upgraded to work with the 1.10 release.
  • Thank you, upgrading to the newest version did solve my problem.
  • Great!  And thank you for following up and letting us know. :)
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