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'Hide agent's name on responses' not working

I've just upgraded to 1.10 and the option 'Hide agent's name on responses.' is not working. Now the users can see the agent name in responses. It's very annoying for me.



  • Out of curiosity... if you uncheck it.  Does it start working?
  • Hi @ntozier

    No change, Staff name still visible...
  • I can confirm that I have the same issue on my 1.10 install.  I have reported this on github for you at: 
  • You're very welcome.
  • Okay..  I'm still working through fixing this but it seems the portal view of the thread can be found here:


    I deleted the old code by accident but the new code around line 27 is:

                echo sprintf(__('<b>Somebody</b> posted %s'), sprintf('<time datetime="%s" title="%s">%s</time>',
                        date(DateTime::W3C, Misc::db2gmtime($entry->created)),
                ); ?>

    Basically I just need to remove the %s and name variables.  Instead of saying "John Doe posted  2/17/17, 3:20PM" it now says "Somebody Posted 2/17/17, 3:20PM".    You can also insert your company name there.  

    I also edited include/client/templates/thread-event.tmpl.php

    .. and removed:

    <div class="thread-event <?php if ($event->uid) echo 'action'; ?>">
            <span class="type-icon">
              <i class="faded icon-<?php echo $event->getIcon(); ?>"></i>
            <span class="faded description"><?php echo $desc; ?></span>

    I'm still investigating but this at least seems to have resolved the issue for the customer portal.  I need to check email responses to make sure we're not leaking any sensitive information there too.

  • Well.. It looks like the code I updated affects both the user's responses as well as our responses.. so now everything says "Somebody posted"..    I guess for someone who isn't a developer this seems to fix the problem until I can get a dev to work on it. 

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