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Send reply to ticket creator at the point of creating ticket

My client has a requirement which is a little out of the ordinary.

Often, they may take a call from a customer which will require them to send some information to the customer so they create a ticket, enter the customers email address on the ticket, enter the reason for the ticket and open it. Then they go back in, enter the reply to the customer which then emails the customer.

It seems a little overly complicated considering there is a 'Response' area on the create ticket page. Why can't I create a ticket and send a reply at the same time by filling out the 'create ticket' page and also entering the message to the customer so at the point of opening the ticket, the message is sent?

What is the 'Response' area for on the create ticket page if not for this? Currently if I enter anything in here, it isn't sent so I don't know if it should be and theres an issue with my installation?
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