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Limited data preview (one of many organizations)

one of our partner would like to see all tickets (open and closed) of Organization X (and we have many organizations in DB).

I created a test agent account with a dedicated group and department. When I'm logged into this account I see the tickets of Organization X, but I also see a list of all users and organizations. When I click on any user I see a list of all his tickets. It is not desirable for safety reasons and regarding to data protection.

Is it possible to configure the agent account in a way that sees the tickets of one organization, and can not see all users and organizations in DB? Or maybe it's possible with an user account?

Our osTicket version: 1.9.7 (4be5782)

Thank you in advance for any advise.


  • In this case I would think that you would create an User account, and make them a member of the org.

    Agents are allowed to see all that information (this may have changed in more recent versions, but I do not use Organizations in osTicket and haven't checked).
  • Thank you ntozier.

    I created an User account and made him a member of Organization. In Organization settings I checked the User as Primary Contact and also checked the option "Add to all tickets from this organization" for Primary Contacts.

    After that when I'm logged on the User account I still can't see any tickets of the Organization (as Admin I can see 13 tickets created by other users of the Organization - 2 open and 11 closed).

    Is it possible to configure the User or Organization account to let the User see all tickets of the Organization?
  • Doing what you describe does not grant access to historical tickets.  It only grants access to new ones.
  • And can I do it in some other way to give the User access to historical tickets? Maybe directly in database I can manually change date of creating of user account or date of his joining to the Organization?
  • There is probably a way to do that at the database level... but It's not something that I've ever tried to do.
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