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Call to undefined method ModelResultSet::rewind()

Hello, I have come across this error when using client side to view existing tickets:

PHP error log:
[Tue Nov 22 11:12:28 2016] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method ModelResultSet::rewind() in /xx/xx/xx/include/client/templates/thread-entries.tmpl.php on line 6, referer:

PHP Version: PHP 5.6.28 (cli) (built: Nov 10 2016 16:14:30)
OS Version: CentOS release 6.8 (Final)
osticket Version: 1.10

Any help would be appreciated, thank you


  • Sorry but I haven't encountered this error before.  

    I find however that people who use CentOS usually run afoul of SELinux.  Are you running that or Suhosin? or Mod_security?

    The only error I have seen thats close to this is when exporting and was reported here.
    However I do not think that this is close to that. I would say that you should shut of Mod_security, SELinux, and Suhosin and see if the problem goes away (don't forget to turn them back on after!)

    Regardless of the result I would urge you to open an issue report at github.
  • Hello ntozier, I have set SELinux to Permissive, so it should not affect it. I am running a vanilla installation, with the exception of PHP 5.6, thus no extra packages should be installed.

    Thank you ntozier, will check if they have a similar report, if not - will open it.

    Topic can be closed :)
  • Update for anyone looking into how I fixed it:

    < $events = new IteratorIterator($events->getIterator());
    > $events = $events->getIterator();
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