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Ticket responses to Users, Agents and Collaborators and variables

Hi All,

Im new to OsTicket. Implemented OsTicket into my support callcentre as of the beginning of November. Im still fine tuning the system to cater for our needs. I have a couple of things I cant seem to get right. 
  • Variables for emailing Templates;
    • %{} works for email template New Ticket Notice -End User Email, but it doesn't for New Ticket Alert - Agent Email Templates. Pictures Attached
    • Is there Variables to display the entire ticket thread in the email responses. For example when an Agent updates a ticket with a second or third response, Would want all previous updates included in the email. 
  • Agent Alerts vs End User Alerts
    • Agent and End User get Email Alerts of new Tickets but if there is and update to a ticket, then only the End User gets an Email Alert. Ist there a way so that all Agents in a department can get an Email alert aswell, or is the only way to add a group email as Collaborator?
 OsTicket Version - 1.9.15 (70898b3)
Os - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
WebServer - Apache 2.4.7
MySQL - 5.5.52
PHP - 5.5.9-1
Thanx In Advance




  • Not all variables work on all templates.  
    Maybe try %{assignee}

    There is a list for older versions here:

    In 1.10 there is a variable type ahead feature that displays them as you type that you might find helpful so that list I linked you is no longer needed.
  • @ntozier
    • How difficult would it be to get certain/all variables to work on all templates? I have tested the %{assignee} variable on 1.9.15 and on 1.10 but on both they dont work. :-(  For a temporarily work around, I have instructed my staff/agents to assign the tickets that they open, to themselves. That way I can see which staff member/agent logged a ticket on a customers behalf, by the email notifications I receive. 
    • As for the email tickets to display the entire thread, I cant get this to work. I can get the First and last response to populate in the email notifications. 
    • Are you aware of a way to get Collaborators to receive the first email aswell, and not only from the second response onwards? I have tested a few solutions posted on the forum, but no success yet. Or alternatively is there a way to get responses/updates to tickets my Agents to be emailed to Users and Agents?
    Thanx In advance.

  • Bullets answered in order:
    • It's likely that worked in an older version and was replaced. Try one of these:
      Assigned staff and/or team: %{ticket.assigned}
      Assigned staff/team: %{assignee}
      Staff assigning ticket: %{assigner}
    • There is no mechanism for displaying the entire thread in a single email.
    • No I am not.

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